How everything started...

Do you remember? This is how everything started...


#sichtschnipsel was my first art show at Café DA in 2018 - the owner of this café (Dana who is an art lover) was so incredible and believed in me.

We got connected through my friend and former colleague Karolin Blank. I always made art but never believed in my-arty-self. I didn’t even know that this is a profession where you can make a living - at school the opposite was said. This is the reason I love to do workshops with kids - I love to encourage them to follow their heart ❤️.


Those first collages from this art show I kept like a treasure. But now its time to release them. This weekend they are going to be available in my shop on my website 😌. I am pretty excited and also nervous. I miss those events and live performances with you so much. 😢 


Photos: Harald Völkl


More about this project you can find on my website (currently only in german - I am working on my english website. Thank you for your patience): https://www.dijanahammans.com/work/2018-sichtschnipsel/


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